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        1. Ph. 07 5551 0235
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          บอลออนไลน์ ทรูประเทศไทย

          Australian owned and operated locally from the Gold Coast in Queensland. We are here to help and aim to please! So call or email us.

          Shipping  $9.50 most orders Australia wide.

          Our products are sourced from authorised resellers here in Australia complete with their manufacturer's warranty

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          Was AU$32.95
          Saving AU$13.00
          Was AU$32.95
          Saving AU$13.00
          Was AU$32.95
          Saving AU$13.00
          Was AU$19.95
          Saving AU$8.95
          Acrylic Betta Fish Tank Blue
          Tank only *** ON SPECIAL ***
          Was AU$19.95
          Saving AU$8.95
          Acrylic Betta Fish Tank Green
          Tank only *** ON SPECIAL ***
          Was AU$9.95
          Saving AU$4.80
          Orca Betta Hexagon Fish Tank B450100
          Stackable tank with lid *** ON SPECIAL ***
          • IQ3 Series all in one Mini 6.5 Litre acrylic aquarium available in 5 colours (subject to availability)
          • IQ5 Series all in one Mini 13 Litre acrylic aquarium availabile in 3 colours (subject to availability)
          • IQ7 Series all in one Desktop 18 Litre acrylic aquarium availabile in 7 colours (subject to availability)
          • IQ9 Drop Off Series all in one 48 Litre acrylic aquarium availabile Marine and Freshwater versions
          Dymax IQ5 Acrylic Aquarium 13L
          Ready-made Desktop Fishtank Set
          Dymax IQ7 Acrylic Aquarium 18L
          Ready-made Desktop Fishtank Set

          Filter broken or air pump needs a spare part?

          Subject to availability we stock spare parts for the following:
          Aquaclear hang on filters, Fluval FX4/FX5/FX6, 04, 05 and 06 series,

          Aqua Pro canister filters 800, 1200, 2200, 2200 UV

          BiOrb, Juwel, Fluval, Teco and Marina aquarium parts

          Marina 50, 75, 100, 200 and 300 air pumps, Marina JF filters

          Hailea ACO 5501, 5502, 5503, 5504, 5505, 9601, 9602, 9610, V20, V60 air pump and compressors, Hailea Hi Blow HAP-80 and HAP-100, Aqua Nova canister filters, replacement light tubes and bulbs and more... contact us.

          Grab a bargain

          All items below discounted to clear

          Fish 101 Filter Media Super Zeolite 800gm
          2 x 400gm Net Bags
          Only 3 left!
          Was AU$25.27
          Saving AU$10.32
          Vitalis Aquatic Nutrition Central/South American Cichlid Pellets 120g S
          Soft sinking 1.5mm small pellet food tropical range *** ON SPECIAL BEST BEFORE 07/20 ***
          Last one
          Was AU$55.80
          Saving AU$15.85
          Zoo Med Floating Dock Medium
          Unique Floating Aquarium Turtle Dock for all kinds of aquatic animals
          Last one
          Was AU$9.95
          Saving AU$3.00
          Ocean Free Magna Salt 600g
          New improved formulation of Epsom salt. Helps with sick fish
          Hurry, only a few left
          Marina Replacement Cartridge Bio-Clear for S10/S15/S20 Slim Filter
          Single cartridge
          Hurry, only a few left
          Was AU$94.95
          Saving AU$45.00
          Tree Root in Rock Wall 58.5x58.5cm
          3d Aquarium Background (GP-5029)
          Last one
          Was AU$27.10
          Saving AU$6.00
          Ocean Free Magna Salt 2.4kg
          New improved formulation of Epsom salt. Helps with sick fish
          Last one
          Was AU$15.95
          Saving AU$5.00
          GB Plant Grow Light Tube White T8 15 watt
          18" light bulb for Plant Growth
          Last one
          Was AU$16.65
          Saving AU$2.00
          Ocean Free Magna Salt 1.2kg
          New improved formulation of Epsom salt. Helps with sick fish
          Last one
          Was AU$75.75
          Saving AU$15.80
          Zoo Med Floating Dock Large
          Unique Floating Aquarium Turtle Dock for all kinds of aquatic animals (TD-30)
          Last one
          Fish 101 Filter Media Nitric Base - Lava Rock 450gm
          1 x 450gm Net Bagged
          Last one
          Was AU$39.20
          Saving AU$24.25
          Odyssea Compact Fluorescent PL 65watt Replacement Bulb 21"
          GY10q 4 pin Actinic / Actinic
          Last one
          Vitalis Aquatic Nutrition Marine Grazer Mini 290g
          Mini Natural Ingredients marine range *** ON SPECIAL BEST BEFORE 10/21 ***
          Last one
          Was AU$74.95
          Saving AU$15.95
          Seachem Vibrant Sea Salt 6.2kg
          Treats 227 litres
          Hurry, only a few left
          Was AU$37.10
          Saving AU$12.10
          Vitalis Aquatic Nutrition Tropical Pellets 300g
          Small soft 1mm sinking pellet tropical range *** ON SPECIAL BEST BEFORE 05/20 ***
          Last one
          Was AU$12.95
          Saving AU$4.00
          Degenbao Actinic Blue Marine Water Lamp Blue 15W T8 45cm
          18 inch 15 watt light bulb
          Last one
          Was AU$14.95
          Saving AU$3.00
          Fish 101 Filter Media Ceramic Bio Sponge Pads
          3 Pack
          Last one
          Was AU$31.05
          Saving AU$7.10
          Zoo Med Floating Dock Small
          Unique Floating Aquarium Turtle Dock for all kinds of aquatic animals (TD-10)
          Last one
          Was AU$24.70
          Saving AU$4.70
          Jebo Filter Media Foam Insert for R362
          4 pieces precut to size
          Last one
          Was AU$13.95
          Saving AU$4.00
          Marina Decorative Aquarium Gravel 2kg Lime
          approx 5-8mm gravel size (12468) *** ON SPECIAL DISCOUNTED ***
          Last one
          Was AU$54.95
          Saving AU$25.00
          Juwel HiLite T5 Day T5 Flouro Tube 1200mm 54w
          For Juwel Rio 400 and Vision 450 aquariums (86356) *** ON SPECIAL OVERSTOCKED ***
          Only 4 left!
          Was AU$11.95
          Saving AU$5.45
          Rena SmartFilter Filter Media Phos Zorb Cartridge
          *** ON SPECIAL TO CLEAR ***
          Last one
          Was AU$24.95
          Saving AU$15.00
          Reptile Sand Red 10kg
          Natural Desert Sand *** HEAVY DISCOUNT LOCAL PICKUP ONLY ***
          Plenty in stock
          Showmaster Natural Polished Pebble Medium 2kg
          10-20mm natural river stone
          Last one
          Was AU$21.80
          Saving AU$6.85
          Zoo Med Floating Dock Mini
          Unique Floating Aquarium Turtle Dock for all kinds of aquatic animals (TD-5)
          Last one
          Was AU$17.95
          Saving AU$11.00
          PondMAX StatuMAX Fountain Cleaner 236ml
          Fast Acting *** ON SPECIAL OVERSTOCKED ***
          Plenty in stock

          Since 2004, we have been supplying Australia with premium products for our satisfied customers. We are proudly 100% Australian owned, located in the Gold Coast, and we deliver all over the country. The aquarium shop is an online store that sells aquariums and aquarium products. We stock quality products ranging from fish foods, filters, pumps, and other accessories. The products are sourced from authorized manufacturers, and all come with a warranty.

          Many different types of aquariums are available at the shop. Freshwater, marine and custom aquariums are some of the types you can get. Custom aquariums can be made to the customerís specifications with different options and accessories such as substrates, gravel, plants, and other ornaments can be included. Aquariums are available in different sizes, and have a variety of styles to choose from.

          You can get the following aquarium products and more at the store:

          • Fish tank filters/Aquarium filters
            These filters are responsible for removing mechanical and break down waste from the aquaria. Filters are essential for the survival of the fish since they are in an enclosed water space with limited amounts of water. There are different types of fish tank filters available for use in aquariums of various sizes including:
            • Internal filters for small aquariums.
            • Hang on filters for all kinds of aquariums and hang at the rim of most aquariums.
            • Air driven filters that require air for them to work via an air pump.
            • Undergravel filters that remove any accumulated waste on the gravel encouraging the growth of good bacteria.
          • Marine aquarium
            These are aquariums that keep marine plants and animals in controlled environments. There are three types that include fish only, reef aquaria and fish only with live rock.
          • Fish food
            There are different kinds of fish foods suited for the fish in the aquarium. The Aquarium Shop stocks and sells these foods at affordable prices. You can shop for the food either by type or by brand in the Aquarium Shop.
          • Aquarium cleaning products
            An aquarium should be cleaned regularly to keep it looking great and to ensure that the environment is conducive to the aquatic life.
            There are different cleaning products available at the shop including filters, algae magnets, gravel treatments and others.
          • Aquarium lights
            Aquarium lighting is important as it not only improves the appearance of the aquarium, it is also important for the survival of plants and marine life. The Aquarium shop sells LED, T5-T8, Compact fluorescent lights and others. You can also get reflectors to improve light intensity in the aquarium. Lights are available in different models, sizes and wattages to provide lighting solutions for all kinds of aquariums.
          • Aquarium air pump
            An adequate supply of air is good for any aquarium since it help the fish get more dissolved oxygen via circulation and helps in balancing the PH. Having an aquarium air pump is essential since it ensures there is enough oxygen in the water and gets rid of the carbon dioxide being released.
            Air pumps are also necessary for some equipment to run like air driven filters, ornaments, airstones, protein skimmers and others.
          • Aquarium water
            Aquarium water is the water that contains the fish, plants and other aquatic life. The water needs to be filtered continuously since it is not in abundant supply like the natural marine or freshwater environment. The Aquarium shop has water treatments that help in maintaining the water in the tank. These water treatments include ammonia and waste removers, algae treatments, water clarifiers and much more. There are also treatments that help maintain the PH levels of the water, and they all work towards giving the aquarium life a stable and thriving environment to live in.
          • Aquarium filtration
            To make maintenance easier, there has to be regular aquarium filtration. This helps the colonization of good bacteria and ensures waste is removed from the water. For filtration to occur, there need to be filters and filter media. Examples of filter media include sponge, foam, filter wool, charcoal, and others. These items are placed in the filter for aquarium filtration to occur.
          • Aquarium heaters
            Aquarium heaters are needed to maintain a stable temperature in the aquarium. Maintaining a stable temperature is important since aquarium life is delicate and any fluctuations might cause them to develop illnesses that can even lead to death. You will need different temperatures for your fish since fresh water, and salt water fish have varying needs.
            The aquarium heaters sold by the shop are made of heat resistant glass and will not break when exposed to different temperature changes. They are also energy efficient being controlled using thermostats. Some models also have safety cut off switches that turn the heaters off if the temperatures rise drastically or there is a decrease in the water levels.

          The Aquarium Shop is your one stop shop for all your aquarium needs. Our website has lots more information on these and other products. You can shop and have the aquarium products and accessories shipped to your location. Reward points are offered to non-business customers if you are in Australia and make a purchase. Also check our Twitter page for updates, special offers and news from us!

          Friends in Business
          Together, let's transform your landscape
          Search by Brand
          January Specials
          PondMAX StatuMAX Fountain Cleaner 236ml
          Fast Acting *** ON SPECIAL OVERSTOCKED ***
          AU$6.95 Was AU$17.95
          Saving AU$11.00
          PondMAX Solar Pump PS1700
          Eco friendly option *** ON SUMMER SPECIAL ***
          AU$219.00 Was AU$325.00
          Saving AU$106.00
          AU$7.55 Was AU$14.30
          Saving AU$6.75
          PondMAX Solar Pump PS200
          Eco friendly option *** ON SUMMER SPECIAL ***
          AU$69.95 Was AU$99.00
          Saving AU$29.05
          Aqua Medic Antiphos Fe 300g (500mL)
          Phosphate Remover for fresh and saltwater *** REDUCED TO CLEAR ***
          PondMAX Solar Pump PS600
          Eco friendly option *** ON SUMMER SPECIAL ***
          AU$119.00 Was AU$199.00
          Saving AU$80.00
          Aquasonic Rainbow-Sup Water Conditioner 100mL
          For Rainbow fish and soft water species
          Exotic Environments Surf City Pool Shark
          Aquarium Ornament 11x10x9h cm (EE-533)
          Standard Wooden Aquarium Stand 36 x 24 inches
          AU$119.95 Was AU$219.95
          Saving AU$100.00
          Modern Tow Boat Dark Blue
          Aquarium decoration 19x10x6cm (11228DB)

          Latest News...

          Most popular
          UV Light Tube Replacement 11 watt
          Replacement bulb for Aqua Nova PF-30/Jebao PF-30
          Double Directional Flexable Tank Outlet Fanned End (Duck Bill)
          Twin Outlet with 20mm screw-in and slip-in connections.
          Was AU$36.40
          Saving AU$2.80
          Hikari Algae Wafer Fish Food 250g
          API Algaefix 237mL
          Controls Algae and green water (AU-87D)
          Aquarium Tank Separator Large 43x43.5cm
          With bracket and 4 suction cups
          Aqua Zonic Universal UV Filter 20000
          18 watt Aquarium/Pond UV Clarifier
          Bioscape/Aqua Pro Impeller Assembly for 1800/2200/2200 UV
          Aquarium filter part for Aqua Pro canister filter (RP187B/RP188B)
          Copyright (c) 2021 The Aquarium Shop All rights reserved.

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